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“I See You”

I had a moment of insight while watching the Marine Corps Marathon this past Sunday, October 27, in the pouring rain. Some years I bike with friends and cheer on the runners along the route. This year was different. My daughter was running, and I got a more intimate...

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Make Change Work for You

What I notice most in our change management work is how organizations stall out in the middle of their change efforts. Most organizations start out with a real commitment to address a problem, or to move the needle in a particular direction. They pull together...

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Inspiring Courageous Leadership

In a world of rapid change, people want and expect more from their leaders, the people who hold positions of leadership. They want people of integrity, who tell the truth no matter how difficult that sometimes is, and who define a bolder vision that inspires others to engage and follow and who can clearly articulate a path forward to make that vision a reality. They use resources wisely and they act in a way that is transparent and inspires confidence.
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