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Inspiring Courageous Leadership

by | Feb 18, 2018 | courageous leadership, leadership, trust

In a world of rapid change, people want and expect more from their leaders, the people who hold positions of leadership. They want people of integrity, who tell the truth no matter how difficult that sometimes is, and who define a bolder vision that inspires others to engage and follow and who can clearly articulate a path forward to make that vision a reality. They use resources wisely and they act in a way that is transparent and inspires confidence.

Everywhere we look, we notice a crisis of confidence in leaders and a breakdown in trust in our most basic institutions. Nowhere has there been a greater breakdown in trust than in the United States, according to The 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer. It underscores that “leadership is desperately sought and opportunities to step up are clear, starting with a shared understanding of the truth…No work is more important than re-establishing trust.” Furthermore, “speaking up requires courage and conviction. There will be no shortcut to rebuilding trust in America.” That’s the task ahead.

This is an existential issue for our time. It’s about the kind of leader – and citizen – we aspire to be. And however much we may think we are doing, we need to do more. We need to all find ways to step up, just a little more. Leadership is not about the perks of office, and being comfortable in a role. It’s about the steady, hard day-to-day work of rolling up our sleeves, building relationships, engaging the hearts and minds of others, and striving to be an example of a selfless leader wants to be more present, mindful, and intentional in taking action to make our organizations better each day. That’s how we make our society better for people today and generations to come.

This is OLA’s vision and it’s why we’re here. Let’s get to work!