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Organizational Strategy Services

Alignment, Assessments & Design

We use a variety of tools and frameworks to assess the health of your organization. We look at your strengths, leadership capacity, culture, employee engagement, work processes, decision making, and communications. We help organizations be more effective by creating alignment to provide clear “lines of sight” to goals and impact. We provide realistic options for aligning, restructuring or designing your organization to achieve better business outcomes.

Strategic Planning

A strategy is your plan for achieving your mission in the world. Strategic planning processes must be customized to the organization, its situation, and its aspirations. We work with you to develop the approach that best meets your needs, whether it’s a strategy screen for making decisions or a robust strategic planning process that serves as a catalyst for long-term change.

We help you create a plan that maximizes your organization’s mission and strengths and is realistic and results-oriented. We engage your team in putting your strategic plan to work and taking responsibility for its successful implementation.

Change Management

The one true constant today is change. Wherever you look, organizations and their leaders are striving to understand and adapt to the disruptive forces in their environment so they can better serve customers, clients, members, and citizens. We help leaders accurately assess their situation, devise a plan of action, and confidently navigate change. We work with you to define your goals and aspirations and map out a step-by-step plan to move your organization from where you are to where you want to go in a way that provides the organizational clarity and commitment to make it stick.

Strategic Communications

The ability to communicate is critical to leading, whether you are articulating a vision or strategy, implementing change, ensuring alignment, improving team effectiveness, or engaging employees. Every aspect of organizational life can be improved by more effective, proactive, and strategic communication that invites feedback and fosters continuous learning and dialogue. We coach leaders on strategies, approaches, and techniques for communicating with greater clarity, intention, and impact.

Human Capital Consulting

We help leaders and HR teams be more strategic and have greater impact in shaping organizational culture and improving business outcomes. We collaborate to develop strategies and programs to build organizational capacity, improve performance and accountability, implement succession planning, foster key talent and emerging leaders, and define a learning strategy for your organization.

Leadership Development

Leaders need more than management training to be successful – they need vision, judgment, and the ability to skillfully navigate a changing business environment. Our customized leadership programs enhance leaders’ self-awareness, self-management, and presence. They help develop leaders’ competence in influencing, communication, creating and articulating a vision, strategic thinking, managing change, and effective decision making. We concentrate on cultivating leaders’ strengths, focus, and confidence while managing any potential “derailers” that hinder effective performance.

We use a combination of 360 assessments, personality and communications assessments, cohort programs, and personalized leadership coaching to allow for individual growth. Our programs are especially helpful in addressing the needs of women and minority leaders, as well as emerging and high potential leaders. Our approach focuses on cultivating awareness and presence, developing organizational savvy, and building networks.

Leadership Coaching

Coaching allows leaders to think about their leadership and behavioral style, and to reflect on how their underlying assumptions about people, their organization, and change may contribute to their success as a leader. Clients learn about themselves, their attitudes and behaviors, and the impact they have on others. Because coaching is undertaken within a relationship built on mutual trust and confidentiality, leaders can take risks that allow for meaningful personal change and growth that helps them be more effective.

OLA’s ICF certified coaches are focused on helping clients achieve positive outcomes. Our coaches use a variety of approaches and assessments in supporting, challenging, and guiding clients as part of the learning journey that is coaching.

Team Coaching

Working in teams poses unique challenges, from defining group priorities and making decisions to resolving conflicts. We work with teams to improve communication and collaboration and increase productivity and team performance. We help team members learn new behaviors, manage conflict constructively, build trust, and address systemic or structural issues using approaches that enhance problem solving, group learning, and mutual accountability. We assist teams in various stages of development – during startup, when the team is moving through transition or a change in leadership, or when it needs to revitalize and find a new direction.


Professional facilitation can make all the difference between a successful meeting that moves your agenda forward and one that falls flat or is quickly forgotten. For high-stakes meetings such as retreats, strategic planning sessions, and meetings to grapple with contentious issues, challenging business situations or difficult conversations, a facilitator can create an atmosphere of openness and trust, help clarify issues, and lead a group to consensus. We keep a group focused, manage personalities, encourage participation and honesty, and ensure that participants leave a meeting with clear outcomes and a positive outlook.

We ensure that your meetings, retreats, and offsites are effective by thoughtfully designing them to meet your goals. You and your staff will return to the office with new skills, an improved focus on organizational objectives, and renewed energy to reach your goals.

Team Building

Teams are the building blocks of organizations, and we believe teambuilding is an essential ingredient in ensuring top organizational performance. Our objectives for participants during teambuilding activities include learning about each other’s work styles, personalities, and strengths, valuing team diversity, improving team problem-solving and decision making, developing trust, and tackling real workplace challenges together. We use teambuilding simulations, activities, and exercises in a targeted way that delivers a fun, creative, and memorable experience for participants that leads to real improvement in the workplace.

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